If I won the lottery I wonder what I’d do. I guess I could pay off my debts and buy a lot of cool shit. But I think I’d mostly like to travel the world. Where would I start? Asia sounds pretty cool. I think I’d just use my vast stacks of cash to woo all the local Asian hotties. Everyone knows that they love to please, and I’d have the income to wine and dine them (and 69 them). Yeah, I’m pretty certain that would be the life for me.

I haven’t even purchased a lottery ticket in years so maybe I should start. But in the meantime, I think I’ll keep jerking off to all those hotties on Asian Sex Diary. It’s all about this traveling businessman who fucks all the sluts he comes across on his travels through Asia. Go ahead and grab this Asian Sex Diary discount for 50% off. This guy is my hero and I hope one day I can live a life this his. We should all be this fucking lucky.


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